The 3 Best Fights from Fight Night Machida vs. Anders

By: Mike Primak   |   Feb 4th 2018
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Last night 11 bouts went down at UFC Fight Night Belem: Machida vs. Anders. According to FOTN Fan Scores, here are the 3 that fans enjoyed the most.

Iuri Alcântara vs. Joe Soto


Iuri Alcantara ended his home-country showing last night quickly. Right off the bell, Alcantara began throwing kicks to the body. Soto responded by trying to close the distance and initiate a takedown, but Alcantara shook him off. Alcantara lands another kick to Soto's liver, hurting and weakening him, and TKO finishes the fight with a barrage of punches. For his 66 second destruction of Joe Soto, Iuri Alcantara earns a Performance of the Night Bonus.
Iuri Alcântara finishes Joe Soto in the first round.

Thiago Santos vs. Anthony Smith


Each of these fighters entered last night's bout on a 3 fight KO win streak. Santos and Smith got to it right away in what was the Official UFC Fight of the Night. Santos started the round by landing a spinning back-kick to Smith's chin, followed immediately by a flying knee. The two took it to the ground where Smith ended up on top, but only temporarily. Santos bucked from the bottom and reversed to take top position, where he stayed, landing ground'n'pound for the next two-and-a-half minutes. Smith managed to grab a leg and work his way to standing, where he goes on a charging attack only to be dropped by an elbow to the face. The end of the first round buzzer saves Smith from another ground'n'pound. At the beginning of the second round Santos lands a liver kick to drop Smith, and then TKO finishes him with a barrage of punches.

Santos was a powerful accurate striker last night, landing a damaging headkick, knee to the face and liver kick, as well as tons of strikes on the ground. Santos and Smith earn the Fight of the Night Bonus. This is the second time Smith has earned a bonus award, and the third for Santos.

Thiago Santos drops Anthony Smith with a liver kick and then TKOs him with punches.

Valentina Shevchenko vs. Priscila Cachoeira


Valentina Shevchenko vs. Priscila Cachoeira opens with rapid back and forth standing exchanges. Valentina landed several strikes on Cachoeira's chin before taking her down 42 seconds into the round. Valentina keeps top position on the ground for the rest of the round, landing a series of huge elbows and hard punches, cutting Cachoeira on the forehead. In the 2nd round Valentina trips Cachoeira and spends a full round in top position dropping bomb punches and elbows. After 4 minutes on her back, Cachoeira turtles and Schevchanko drops 20 more punches before taking the Rear Naked Choke. Total strikes landed is 230-3 for Shevchenko. For her efforts, Valentina earns a Performance of the Night Bonus.

Valentina Shevchenko submits Priscila Cachoeira with Rear Naked Choke.

Dana White criticizes referee Mario Yamasaki on twitter for letting the fight go so long.

Honorable Mention: Sérgio Moraes vs. Tim Means


Sérgio Moraes vs. Tim Means was a three round war. The two welterweights (170lbs) fought an action busy bout, mostly standing, but with some takedowns and clinch work as well. Both fighters won rounds, and ultimately the fight was entertaining due to action and suspense lasting the entire bout. The result was a split decision for Moraes.
Sérgio Moraes and Tim Means brawl at Fight Night Belem.

UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Anders was an entertaining night of professional fights. Next weekend the UFC is in Australia for UFC 221: Romero vs. Rockhold. Also on UFC 221 is Mark Hunt, Tai Tuivasa, Israel Adesanya, Rob Wilkinson and Teruto Ishihara. Tune in next week as we breakdown the best fights from UFC 221.

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