Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi

UFC 210 - April 8, 2017 Fight Pass

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60%   86 ratings
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Chris Weidman
13 - 0 - 0
71% Avg. Fight Score

Gegard Mousasi
38 - 6 - 0
77% Avg. Fight Score

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Excellent fight, wonky ending though. Won't spoil but don't expect to leave satisfied.


Weidman quit -- simple as that.


Two of my fav middleweights, so there was some nail-biting for me on this one. The fight was playing out nicely and could've definitely shown more of each guy's skill set, but it was cut short with some controversy.


Nice fight with an anticlimax ending.


Ending sours the fight. Good R1 though.


This was a good fight. Thought Mousasi was looking pretty sloppy. But no doubt, Gegard was right, Weidman didn't want to keep fighting. He wanted to win by DQ. Not cool.


The ending soured the fight for me. Weidman shouldn't have tried milking those knees and got what he deserved.


GOod until the controvery


The fight literally got cancelled as it was happening.


A fight with a ton of promise that completely failed to materialize just as it was picking up momentum due to officials not knowing how to handle an admittedly difficult situation.
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