Gray Maynard vs. Ryan Hall

UFC TUF 24 Finale: Tournament of Champions - December 3, 2016 Fight Pass

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57%   20 ratings
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Gray Maynard
12 - 6 - 0
68% Avg. Fight Score

Ryan Hall
0 - 0 - 0
66% Avg. Fight Score

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Ryan Hall fan here. Love seeing his unique style. Entertaining to watch veteran Gray Maynard try to solve a kick/leg lock based opponent.


Love what Ryan Hall is doing, sucks that Gray didn't really engage the whole fight.


Ryan Hall did everything he could to KO and engage Maynard. Those head kicks kept me on the edge of my seat. Never been so entertained by a fight when there was only one guy actively trying to fight.


I know that Ryan Hall's style is unique and different but it just doesn't do anything for me, it is strategic and wins (some) fights but its boring. His style, along with Maynard not engaging on the ground, made this fight a snore fest.