Thiago Alves vs. Patrick Cote

UFC 210 - April 8, 2017 Fight Pass

FOTN Score
76%   63 ratings
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Thiago Alves
26 - 9 - 0
74% Avg. Fight Score

Patrick Cote
"The Predator"
24 - 9 - 0
75% Avg. Fight Score

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Thiago fought smart -- good pressure and power. Cote showed his heart and retired having shown he can hang with the best but can't beat them.


Alves is one of my favorite fighters, so I'm happy he came in and showed that his striking is still dangerous. Those elbows in the clinch are a thing of beauty. And major props to Côte. He had a ton of heart and showed how he's managed to stay around for so long. It was a great career.


Alves used his technical striking to hurt cote but cote had the heart to stay in there and make it an entertaining fight.


Cote brought it for his final fight, and Alves was as good as he's ever been. Along with Calvillo vs Gonzalez, a FOTN contender.