Top 10 Israel "The Style Bender" Adesanya Fights Available To Watch Free Online

By: Mike Primak   |   March 14th 2017
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Israel Adesanya, #4 ranked kickboxer in the world, is achieving great success in Glory kickboxing and may one day fight in the UFC.

Israel Adesanya is an exciting up-and-coming kickboxer who, if MMA fans are lucky, may end up in the UFC. He has a professional record of 64 wins and 6 losses, including 5 boxing wins, 50 kickboxing wins and 9 wins in Mixed Martial Arts. He earns his nickname, "The Style Bender", by blending styles and using an unusually wide range of attacks and defenses. This unpredictable nature of Adesanya's fight style also ensures exciting and entertaining bouts. If you're not already paying attention to "The Style Bender", it's time to start. Here are the top 10 Israel Adesanya fights available to watch free online.

10. Israel Adesanya Highlights

A TL,DR to get us started. Here is an Israel Adesanya highlight reel. Many of these clips are from fights in the rest of this list. This video also includes interview footage with Adesany so you get a sense of his personality.

9. Israel Adesanya vs. Dan Roberts   (FOTN Score 90%)

Many of Adesanya's bouts are over quickly, so for the first fight in this list, we've included his quickest win. His bout against Dan Roberts in New Zealand's 'King In The Ring' promotion lasted just 26 seconds. This was one of three bouts Adesanya fought that evening to win the 'King in the Ring 100 – The Heavyweights III' Tournament Championship.

8. Israel Adesanya vs. Gele Qing   (FOTN Score 80%)

"The Style Bender" wins in a variety of ways, including vicious body shots, head kicks and ground-n-pound. Watch as Adesanya, competing in MMA, gradually breaks down his opponent Gele Qing until Qing retreats to the ground, where he is quickly finished.

7. Israel Adesanya vs. Carl N' Diaye   (FOTN Score 85%)

With some of the most vicious punches to the body of any striker in combat sports today, it's no wonder "The Style Bender" has some great body-shot KO finishes. Here he is fighting Carl N'Diaye of Sweden.

6. Israel Adesanya vs. Mark Timms   (FOTN Score 85%)

So far we've witnessed Adesanya win via punches and kicks, but from someone with the nickname "The Style Bender", we expect more, so here he is demonstrating what he can do with his knees.

5. Israel Adesanya vs. James Griffiths   (FOTN Score 85%)

Israel Adesanya's first MMA bout. In his MMA debut we hope to see whether Adesanya can handle the grappling, wrestling and jiu-jitsu which separate kickboxing from MMA. Although he doesn't spend much time on the ground in this fight, when he does go there, he demonstrates enough competence for us to start believing he might have a future in MMA.

4. Israel Adesanya vs. Kim Loudon   (FOTN Score 85%)

Israel Adesanya once again demonstrates his dominance over several rounds against another highly skilled opponent. In Adesanya and Loudon's first bout, Adesanya injures Loudon early and it's a one-sided show for the remaining three rounds. In this, their second bout, Loudon is able to provide more resistance, and as a result, we see more of what Adesanya can do.

3. Israel Adesanya vs. Wayne Condon   (FOTN Score 85%)

Shot on handheld, this video gives an intimate view of one of Adesanya's local promotion fights. The sound audible on this recording also gives us a good idea of how hard strikes are landing. The fight is over fast, but Israel demonstrates how savagely and quickly he can finish a fight.

2. Israel Adesanya vs. Pati Afoa   (FOTN Score 95%)

In the 'King in the Ring 86 – The Cruiserweights III Finals' Adesanya makes the match between him and his opponent, Pati Afoa, look like a mismatch. Creating some of his most spectacular highlight reel footage, Adesanya demonstrates his killer instinct and precision finishing abilities.

1. Jason Wilnis vs. Israel Adesanya   (FOTN Score 90%)

A recent controversial championship bout between Champ Jason Wilnis and #4 contender, Israel Adesanya. A back and forth battle, one could justify giving the decision to either fighter.

Glory 37: Los.Angeles: Jason Wilnis vs Israel Adesanya

That concludes our list of the top 10 Israel Adesanya fights available to watch free online. Continue to watch Adesanya's progress, as he may follow in the career path of fighters like Mark Hunt and Donald Cerrone who have successfully transitioned from kickboxing to MMA in the UFC.

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